Bike shuts off right after turning on


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Mar 3, 2020
Hi everyone!

You all have been super helpful in getting me started with my motorbicycle! Thanks to you all, I've been running it fine for a couple of months now, if not more.

Now, I have faced an issue that's baffling me a bit. With a full tank of gas, when I turn the bike on (pedal while engaging clutch, going up to 5mph, and then releasing clutch) the motor turns over for then almost immediately shuts off. I've tried giving it juice by throttling, but it doesn't do anything. It sputters and shuts off.

I've checked the fuel line, and there doesn't seem to be anything blocking it. Now, I did notice that when priming, it doesn't feel like gas is being pushed into the carb. Before, it used to feel like it was pushing it with every press of the button, now it doesn't. I could also vaguely see the gas flowing into the carb from the fuel line. I don't see that anymore.

Would you folks believe a carb can get clogged, and that me be the issue? Still totally a newbie here. If I'm totally off, any has any tips?

Thank you very much!


Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
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Ok. The primer doesn't push fuel into the carb, it actually just holds the float down so fuel fills the bowl until you over flow it.
Take off the fuel line from the carb and turn on the fuel- does it flow? (it should)
Take the float bowl off with the line connected to the carb, and turn the fuel on-does it flow? (it should)

Does the engine actually fire at all? If not, check for spark.