Big long giant rubbers...


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Jun 25, 2009
I just bought a set on ebay and they are on the big cruiser build I posted in the cruiser section. Kinda cool but not for a boardie. There were two sellers. Buy the expensive ones. They both look the part but the cheaper ones were so hard they had no give. I returned them. The whole idea behind these grips is to add vibration dampening and you simply slide your hands down the grips to reduce vibration. With the good grips they are soft enough to serve their purpose but you still have to keep part of your hand on the handlebar section or you feel disconnected from the bike. They also make your bars much longer so leg interference can be an issue when turning. Oh, they only come in 1" both sides so you have to chop and weld a 1" piece to the end of your 7/8" bars on the left side. Are they worth the $135 price? Not really. All singles have a zone of vibration that I just push through. Above or below that 500 rpm band, which is typically at the clutch engagement point with a centrifugal clutch, there is some handlebar vibration. Like I say, just push through with the throttle and find the sweet spot where the bike runs smooth. If you don't have a sweet spot then you have another problem and grips are not the cure.


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May 27, 2011
THAAATS Where I saw them. Gitting older. Mind not as sharp as it was. Pat. For the ebay search what kind of search term did you use? I'm guessing not Big long giant rubbers. PS: Not for the F.M. for the "gentlemans Express" version of my POPE