Best way to weld new dropouts


Jan 7, 2012
San Francisco, CA.

Im working on a bike, and it has really crappy dropouts. I want to weld new ones in, but Im not sure what the best method to do so is. Ive attached some close ups of the dropouts so people can see. The problem is that the metal on the dropouts is pretty thin, and on the right side of the bike, the lower edge of the dropout bends outward when you tighten the wheel nut.

Im away from the bike right now so I cant double check, but I am pretty sure the dropouts are brazed in. Im wondering if its a good idea to heat them up, pull them out, then try to widen the slots in the frame to accommodate a thicker dropout made of 3/16 or 1/4 steel plate in the old slots? Or if it is a better idea to just cut the old dropouts off, and butt the new ones up against the cut and weld at the connection? Any input is appreciated.

also attached is a photo I found online of a solution somebody found, Im thinking this is more or less what I should do?


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