Best type for deliveries?


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Aug 28, 2019
I do delivery apps on my ebike rn since losing my job due to pandemic, but that has obvious time limitations. I'm wondering what kit/bike you'd recommend for me? I don't have a license so a conventional scooter, which requires one in my jurisdiction (DC) is out.

Top priorities are:

1: Ease of installation/maintenance (noone's selling pre-assembled bikes or I'd buy one and earn back the extra cost)

2: Reliability (I really don't want anything going kaput while i'm making a delivery)

Price and looks are less important.

Preferably 50cc and under so I can deliver in VA too.

Obviously it's mostly urban so traffic doesn't tend to go fast, but DC does have some wide avenues which people put more speed on and which are convenient shortcuts if you can keep up. We also have a lot of bike trails.

I'm thinking of the bikeberry friction kit or GEBE belt drive. An axel drive kit also seems simple enough but noone's selling them rn.

I don't have much mechanical knowledge (but am willing to learn) and my motored bike experience is limited to a chain drive happy time from years ago.