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    Hey Guys,

    I have a couple of questions about a belt driven engine kit. I am really interested in buying an engine kit from Golden Eagle Bicycles and I have read that they have really good reviews. What's the difference between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke? I know that a 2-stroke, you have to have pre-mixed fuel and with a 4-stroke you can pull into the nearest service station and fill up. What kind of modifications can I do to make my bike go faster? Has anybody ever used a belt driven engine kit? If yes, how was the installation process and how does it run? Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
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    On a 4 stroke the piston goes down to suck in the air/fuel mixture,goes up for compression stroke it ignites sending the piston down (power stroke) then back up to expel the gasses.
    On a 2 stroke piston goes up compresses the air/fuel mix it ignites but as the piston goes down the exhaust is expelled and at the same time the air/fuel mix goes in then when it goes up again it ignites.
    So on a 2 stroke every time the piston goes down it's a power stroke.
    On a 4 stroke it's every OTHER time the piston goes down.
    So what does this mean.
    This means that a 2 stroke engine goes WAAAAAAA!!!! and a 4 stroke engine goes PURRRRRRR!!!!
    4 strokes are way smoother and a bit more efficient.
    2 strokes are more powerful feeling.
    I never owned a GEBE but I hear too they are pretty smooth.
    It's preference really.
    I like using chain because I can play with gearing.
    And I like to tinker.
    And it's plenty strong in my experience.
    But to be fair you can play with GEBE gearing too. I hear you can swap out the drive gear rather quickly.
    So it's preference.
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    if you like to tinker like we do then by all means go with an HT. But in truth if you want a dependable, smooth, vibration free ride go with the GEBE. My wife uses the GEBE and i never have to touch it and installation takes about 1/2 hr, very simple and easy to switch from bike to bike and they come in two or four stroke, she has the tanaka 40cc two stroke and loves it. Just my 2 cents worth.

    PS: to date she has almost three thousand miles on the original belt and drive ring, in fact its all original! one pull and away she goes!
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    there is a guy on you tube named Paul Crabtree, this guy is the long distance man and all around conquer of the this endeavor. If you watch his video you will be convinced that the most reliable set up out there is the rear rack mounted engines 2 stroke or 4 it's a matter of opinion as which is better. His choice is a small Tanaka 25cc 2 stroke (it's all about fuel economy for him) watch his little film on you tube.

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