Being Ready for Road Failures


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May 15, 2008
Hi everyone.

I've been concerned about having the right stuff with me while commuting, to allow me to get back home without having to ask for too much assistance.

I always bike with a backpack. Inside I carry a cople a crescent wrenches, mult-purpose screwdriver (philips/flat small and large interchangable heads), and pliers. I found-out the hard way, after being 25 miles from home, that the handle bars can rattle loose. Fotunately, I encountered (believe it ornot) a custom motorcycle chopper shop along the way, and the owner used his hex-wrenches on my handle bars to tighten.

Things that I've found-out to be wary of:

Things rattling loose (handlebars, nuts, bolts) Solution: carry allen wrench for handlebars, Locktight compound, small crescent wrenches, pliers.

Engine not restartable. Solution: Carry somthing to disconnect and stow-away the chain. (There is still some drag even with the clutch fully disengaged). What works good? Do you just find and remove the master link? (I didn't build my original bike)

Chain break for either motor or bicycle chain: What works good?

Flat tire: Any Ideas? Is there a cheap, lightweight pump available anywhere? Also, do Schwinn tires dismount and mount easily from the rim with a large flathead screwdriver? How do I quickly find a leak on the road? Soapy water?

So basically, what I'm asking for is a list of "must haves" for my backpapck. Any veterans out there?

I've been lucky with my problems so far.


FHO (Future Harley Owner)


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May 20, 2008
I'm not exactly a veteran but I have had a petal fall off, seat post and fender lossen, so far in 90 miles of breakin. I have applied locktite blue to most of the fasteners and made sure they all have lock washer. Something falling off at 20 miles per hour could hurt! I carry a muti screwdrive, bike allen wrenchs, small cresent, spoke wrench, plyers and most important a cell phone.

The next bike I build will have the handle bars, seat post, and seat spotwelded into place to fit me. Wiring will run inside the tube frame. Bike will be with a coaster brake, front brake and be a single speed. So far that's what I found in 90 miles