BBR tuning stage 1 and stage 2

Jimmy Bloodmaker

Active Member
Nov 24, 2018
are these really a hd lightening bolt and strike rebrand? i was looking for the hd but kept getting linked to BBR. i bought the stage 1, and it works pretty well. my bike starts faster ( was quick before, but now it's as soon as the clutch grabs its off and running ) and runs smoother. i have no idea the curve on it, i was hoping someone else would know. i searched on here but couldn't find anything on the BBR stage 1&2, lots on the hd, and a few others. while the jaguar seemed like the best fit for tooling around and motor longevity, i can't see paying tht much. even if the motor lasts 10 years. i'm real about this, it's a $100 motor. i expect it to last a few years and maybe a few jugs. the HD seemed to improve power and had a better price, which is why i went looking. anyone else running the stage one or two? i like it, now for the longevity test. is it really just a rebrand?