Australians: where to get bike bits and tools?


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Sep 17, 2008
Hi to all the Aussies here...

I'd like to know where you all buy your bike bits and tools.
Spokes, tyres, chains, cables, bearings etc
Spoke spanners, chain breakers, those skinny spanners for the bearings etc

There's not that much choice here in Darwin so I think I'll have to be looking online. Can you recommend any good places?

The only places here [three bike shops] cater to the pretty boy $1000+ brigade. Then there's Kmart and BigW who sell some basic tyre repair kits and that's about it.

I'm thinking ahead to my next bike, it will probably be another "Dump Shop" bike, but I'll do a restore job on it - new paint, chrome spokes etc etc.

Oh yeh - one thing I want to get pretty soon - where can I get one of those dual brake handles that work both the front and back brakes at the same time? [atm I've just got the back brake disconnected...]