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    first off i would like to welcome you to the site. your knowledge and help will always be appreciated. here are a few simple rules and comments.

    1. respect other dealers. do not bad mouth another dealer that is a bad way to do business and bad dealers will ruin their own reputation without your help. talking bad or negative comments about another dealer will not be tolerated.

    2. you are more then welcome to put links to your site and tell us about what you do however if that is the only reason you are here we do not want you. share your knowledge and help others and i have no problem with a little self promotion in swap and shop. a link from your site to here would be really appreciated. also you cannot post links till you have 3 posts. that is for everyone dealers and members to help keep spammers from posting links.

    3. if you would like your title changed to dealer just pm me and i will make the change.

    i have put a lot of money and time into building this site and want a little respect and i dont think that is alot to ask. welcome to the site and we wish all of you great success


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