Are there any monthly rides in los angeles????


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Jul 15, 2011
miracle mile los angeles
Has anyone set up a monthly ride....for example second sunday of every month at a certain meeting point? Is anyone interested in setting up a set schedule monthly meeting place for anyone who wants to be there. For example media park in culver city or starbucks near by (central location) second sunday of every month 10am ride out at 10:30. Anyone who wants to ride just shows up and knows its going on unless rain? Maybe a section of the forum where people can just shout out ill be there etc. If we can do a central location such as culver city we can do rides to beach. That way no one person has to organize it..

i just think it would be kind of cool if there was a set schedule and you knew far ahead of time that the second sunday of every month you have a commitment(if you want)

any input would be great. Just trying to think of somthing to start more rides.
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