Anyone tried attaching a "real" clutch to a 2 stroke engine?


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Aug 16, 2017
Inspired by the 3DMotorsport Manual clutch for the Predator engines, I started looking up clutches that could be used to replace the existing clutch on a 66cc engine.

I came across this clutch out of a YBR125 ( for fairly cheap that seems like it would suit the job.

I would replace the bucking bar with a custom actuator setup, similar to the 3DMotorsport clutch, pushing the clutch plates out through the hollow clutch shaft. The 6 stud pattern on the clutch bell would require an adapter plate to attach to the 15 hole pattern on the existing clutch gear, which would be CNC machined. It would be easiest to run as a dry clutch but with a new, larger cover it could be filled with motorcycle engine oil and run wet as long as the crankcase seals don't leak. The advantages of the wet clutch being that it would better handle the abuse it takes starting from a dead stop by better dissipating heat and giving a smoother engagement. I'd have to include a seal between the hollow clutch shaft and the actuator bar inside to stop the fluid from getting out that way.

Am I an idiot for even considering this? Probably.

What do you guys think, especially about the crankcase seals?

Also, does anyone know where I can get my hands on the CAD model that I've seen floating around?