Any biker poets out there?


Aug 18, 2008
Hey All
I was wondering home many poets are on this site. Not just poetry but bike themed or road trip themed. Let's see what you come up with. Here's one I wrote a while back hope ya'all enjoy.

i am a bikebum
this much is true
with two wheels i will
allways be free
the open road calls to me
when i am down
whether motor or pedal
whatever powers you
this much is true
we share the same
call for the open road
the call to freedom
for sure
opens our hearts
frees our souls
which ever you ride
this much is true
we share the same bond
for the open road
you can put me in
a car but
will never be the same
maybe except for a Stang
you can take me off the bike
but never the bike
awy from me
i will always be
a bikebum
ride to live live to ride
the motto of bikers
everywhere .trk