Another interesting antique to study


Sep 8, 2008
I was reading about Glenn Curtiss and some of his bikes. When he started screwing around with planes in 1910 he dropped Curtiss Motorcycles but went to a sideline called Marvel Motorcycles. Look up 1911 Marvel Single motorcycle. It has a huge tube on top serving as a fuel tank and another partly down for an oil tank. It looks like a bike fork for a front down tube that straddles his crankcase. Scroll. There are 4 pix. I can't figure out the spring on the front fork unless it is a short leaf or a transverse torsion coil spring like a Monarch bicycle. The rear pulley is interesting. It is fastened to the rim with a series of straps. That could be simulated by cutting the center out of a clothes dryer pulley. It might be a challenge to get it concentric with the rim, but that is what the hobby is all about isn't it? Glenn managed and he was just a Yankeerotfl Keith (trackfodder) Williams
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Sep 23, 2008
Stockton, Cali
I don't see any brakes. Unless that is a coaster brake and I guess the drag of the engine
would slow you down a little. Ah, yeah I can see the coaster arm attached. I love those front forks.