another clutch problem!!!

gill vanderwerf

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Sep 9, 2019
first off i need to tell you all that you must never ever get anything from bicycle motor-works on eBay i got this kit in august and had nothing but problems with it now the good 48cc engine ...well good is stretching it but it was starting and i was able to ride it until this morning without a warning i had no clutch . was riding it yesterday to go to store and all was fine. funny thing was that mark guy send me a replacement motor so called a new one what was a bunch of bull and that one had no clutch at all. but anyway just dont buy from this guy if you want to loose money like i did.

so i opened the part where that clutch plate and flower nut is and it was filled with bearings and i could move that big gear all around and up and down. i took pictures and also saw that that ring was broke in half how can that break???? you can see that in the picture. i have another one of those things from that other 66cc motor i tried to fix just wondering if that will fit.and i cant for the life of me remember how to loosen that 17 mm nut i tried to loosen it with that spark plug tool but it wont come loose. needles to say i am pretty pissed off from this whole adventure and now i got to fix it and i am not mechanically inclined at all i am a exec chef go figure


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