An engine I had forgotten


Sep 8, 2008
^5Ya know, SOMEWHERE in the garage is a Motobecain(sp?) moped motor with a variable speed centrifugal clutch or whatever you call them. I just remembered it. Seems like it has a starting feature for peddling it to life. It's one of those things you don't think anything about when you are screwin' around with full-sized motorcycles Also somewhere near it is a 100cc Kawasaki Greenstreak engine in a bucket. Now that I'm needing something to keep busy at until money happens and I get back to the Lotus 7 clone, that silly stuff is starting to interest me. Also there is one of only 2 Guazzoni go kart motors in the US. It is 100cc and is supposed to turn 15000rpm and develop 8-1/2 hp. Weighs about 30 lbs though. I put a target plane prop on it once thinking it was just right to blow my fishing boat up a shallow rocky creek, but blowing some blankets horizontal on the clothesline was all I ever did with it. I am 72 now and realistically I have to ask myself, is there time remaining to do it all? Genetically I am good to 'way up in my 90's, but will they be GOOD years? I guess as long as I can get joints replaced and keep taking all the stuff to stay in shape, I'll just keep keepin' on. Does anybody know anything about old Motobecains? Trackfodder:ride2:

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
All I kinow is they are made in France...and have been around awhile, but you already knew that.

As for the other- you never know how much "time you have" and what the quality of it will be. I never figured I'd live past 40, and didn't plan accordingly...not only did life not begin until 40, it really just began for me recently.

Sooooo...keep on keepin' on Keith, and the days will bring what they may.