Alternative Exhaust Systems


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Jul 1, 2008
Perth, Western Australia
I made the mistake of thinking that the 2 bolts that hold the exhaust onto the engine would be enough to hold it all in place. I didn't support the cannister and after a short period of time the exhaust pipe snapped about 2" above the cannister.

My question to the knowledgeable out there is:

  • is there a better replacement for this piece
  • if not, what mods have you made to the original pipe to make it better
  • has anyone used a larger diameter pipe and what were the results

Thanks for you comments in anticipation.

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I'll only comment that almost anything would be better as a replacement.

Several folks have gotten aftermarket pipes for pocket rockets to fit.

I don't know that I'd go with a larger dia. PIPE, but a larger muffler or can would help.