All the Marbles

Michigan Mike

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Dec 9, 2008
Forgot where I heard this little story but it's a good one:

On the way home from school one day a little boy with a bag of marbles met a little girl with a bag of candy.

The little boy thought he was tired of the marbles and offered to trade them for the little girl's bag of candy. The little girl said she would have to ask her mother first.

While she was gone to ask permission from her mother the little boy thought to himself,
"I could take a few marbles out of the bag and hide them in my pocket and she would never know." And, so he did.

The little girl came back shortly and said her mother said it was OK if she traded her candy for the marbles and the two traded.

Later that night the little boy couldn't sleep.

He kept thinking the little girl might have taken some candy out of the bag.