Air Leak Throttle Cable?


New Member
Nov 24, 2016
I have a new rt crab from dax. You have to use the old throttle cap off NT carb and put it on top of the new RT for the throttle line to work correctly. My question is even though this will work and hold the throttle cable in fine, if there is a slight gap of any sort where this threads into the top of the carb, if that is considered a intake leak also that would effect the running of the bike or is it only when you have a intake leak on the intake itself or where the carb bolts up to the intake that causes problems? Thank you.


Nov 18, 2016
i had an intake leak on a nt carb. it was very lean at idle and would not idle well. i know the port gasket was good and had siliconed the carb to the intake tube with on luck. after some silicone on the top cast piece that screws onto the carb body and more silicone on where the throttle cable enters the adjuster all was well and it idled great. so i guess it does matter. my threads were not too good where the carb body met the cast cap too so the silicone might of corrected it.