After the last bike is built...


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I have promised myself, and most importantly my wife, that after the chainsaw 42 is built and running well, that I will stop building more bikes. Four is more than enough for any one man. I am thinking hard about selling the china girl bike in the yard. Hey it's a tv star.

So what am I going to do then? Well I am allowed to keep my bikes running. Swap out engine for better ones ect. I have also decided that I didn't promise not to build trailers. If I want people like me to ride motorized bikes, then they have to be able to transport a couple of day's worth of groceries as well as run out for coffee with the gang. It isn't enough to ride a couple of miles to the office, they also need to ride a couple of miles to the store and bring home a couple of cokes as well.

So I have some old trailers I built for the electric bikes. I used them to carry car batteries. The Weed Whacker and chainsaw bikes have a lot of the same characteristics of the ebikes, so working those trailers into the system should be easy. (famous last words) Actually I have to ADD some weight to them. Without the batteries they may be a little unstable. They are no more than two wheels and a couple of pieces of pipe. I needed them to stay lightweight and they will still have to be light weight, but not so light that they swing back and forth.

It should be an interesting project the DIY motor bike trailer for dummies by the Big Dummy.
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May 25, 2008
Deacon, I have been playing around with this idea for a wile and given your talents I think you would enjoy building an out door wooden clock. (google it, lots of plans and patterns for cheap) But I am thinking make it large and as the weights that make it work reach the bottom, that touches a lever that like a toilet tank, runs water over a wheel that rewinds the clock. Tank could be filled with a garden hose and automaticly shut off by a toilet valve with an additional water source from rain gutters on the house.

Lord, I have to much time on my hands.