acrophobic tall bike 2.0 - not motorized but chopped and welded

Nov 27, 2013
after building "tall bike for people afraid of heights" #1 i looked at my "collection" and realized i could achieve largely the same effect with a 20 inch bmx bike as the lower bike, thus allowing me to align the the headsets in the "normal tall bike" way

anyways, it is still pretty wack - it actually has a bit of that tall bike thrill, as stopping still presents the challenge of dismounting (because crossbar)

simple build, two stubs welded between frames, ground tube ends to fit, also "massaged" with a hammer to better match tube profiles - 3-ish" and 8-ish" tubes

i clamped the bottom brackets along with a square tube to align. i also used a tube to align th head stocks. welded with a mig

for comparison this build took about an hour and a half - #1 took uh, a bunch of time - due to the head alignment issues caused by offsetting those bikes to move seat forward -

BTW you pedal the BOTTOM bottom bracket...
so pics of #2