Acceleration Issue


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Mar 23, 2016
Harleysville, P
Hello everyone, I have just rebuilt my bike and everything is working properly other then it will stall out if I go 100% throttle right away, also it seems too not go as fast as it use too. Its kind of hard to explain but when going about 30MPH it will not really bog down but it will not go any faster either. If I let off the throttle a little when going 30 it will continue too go 30 and it has gone 38MPH before without this issue. I'm starting too think its a valve issue or a carburator issue, I've tried a number of things like cleaning the air filter and running it without it but no luck. Also the gearing is a little different than it was before, I use too have a 11 tooth sprocket on the transmission (topped out at 38mph on flats) and now it has a 12 tooth (cant get it past low 30's on flats). This seems odd too me because the 12 tooth should increase the top speed and just have less low end torque. Any help would be appreciated greatly.


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
Welcome to the forum and I hope we can help but first you need to let us know what engine you have. I'm assuming because you posted this in the 4 stroke section that you have a 4 stroke engine but some information would help us offer some suggestions.