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Custom MB Buiilder
May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
I found a 24" Schwinn mans bike & cut the tubes 2'' behind the seat post and
made the frame 25'' longer. Had to remove the top tubes & re-weld them. The
angle on the top tubes did not line up. I used new tube for all of it. It was not
easy but it went together well. Thanks to my welder friend Butch:) Mounted a steel plate drilled & mounted a HONDA 4.5 horse edger motor to it. Used an old clutch from a mini bike also the throttle. Still need a sprocket, and a chain guard I can make that. I used Bondo ( car body filler) to mold in the welds. It looks nice. May need a 26" rear wheel frame sits kinda low. The peddles clear the ground by 3". I don't think thats enough. Going to have to make the drive chains as they are not near long enough. I'm using the little white basket that came w/the bike for emptysrotfl


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I found that a crank set from a child's 20 gets the pedals up and down. In other words the pedal arms are shorter. Give you more clearance without hardly any work. Those kid's bikes are everywhere.