99 cc predator build



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Apr 28, 2012
College Station, TX
All right the ball is rolling now. I have a few bikes, 99 cc predator engine, and ive just ordered my drive train and part of my engine mount. I had a **** of a time trying to fuigure out the right parts. Thank God for affordablegokarts.com. They have a good supply of parts. This is what i ordered. Adds up quick. I had my last build stolen, so i am looking for some kind of alarm system. Does anyone have any ideas? zpt I've invested to much to lose this one. im up to about 450 plus.

Throttle Linkage Kit for 79cc/99cc $12.00
Jackshaft Assembly for 79cc HF & 99cc Predator $135.00
Chain Guard / Clutch Cover $44.95
Max Torque Clutch, High Stall $39.00
Motor Plate for 79cc &99cc HF Engines $25.00
Shipping: UPS Ground: $17.57
Total: $273.52
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Jul 12, 2010
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thats a good looking bike for the predator you will not be disapointed in these things they sure do have alot of power .

as for the security aspect look over in the saftey area of the forum lots of difrent things on security in thier .

toying around with the idea of a keyed ignition personaly .