81 gears anyone? (high budget only)


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Jan 10, 2009
sydney australia
Utah Trikes - Shimano Alfine Mid-Drive Kit for Quad

I went on one of my mad trips thru the web. (started out looking for bike campers, ended up on coversion kits from recumbent trike to quad.

I found this tranny, theyre used on aerodynamic recumbants going for top speed with the hub version as well to get 81 gears. could be good for someone on a high budget looking for some massive gear range (towing, tandem , crazy trail to high gear for the road home).

put it with a NuVinci hub the mind boggles


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May 16, 2010
Mandurah West Australia
Hum I like the idea I do have nu vinci hub and have a alfine hub maybe I will put it on my trike.

I had the the alfine on a motorized bike with a jack shaft got about 80kmh out of it, now it is back on my road mountain bike (pedal Bike)