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    I'd like to upgrade my '09 Fuji Team Pro from the stock Mavic Aksium Race wheelset it came with. I live in the Seattle area so pretty much any 700C Bike Front Wheel direction I go there are hills. I'm 31 y/o, 5'8", 143lbs.
    I don't race but am considering it. I do mainly solo training but also some fast and/or hilly group rides. To me, fast groups are anything 20+mph. I'm working on getting faster but can't hold 25mph for 38MM Wheelset very long... yet :)
    I would like to use this wheelset as my only set of wheels. I'd like it to be a good all-around set; provide some aero advantages 26er Carbon Fiber Frame while still being good for climbing. If/when I start racing, these are the wheels I'll use. I understand that very deep profile rims are heavier and can be affected much more by crosswinds so they're not so good for climbing. I'm just not sure when it is that a rim is too deep and is no longer 27.5er MTB Tubeless Clincher good for climbing. I'm looking for one that is good at both (I understand that a jack-of-all trades wheelset will be the master of none).
    I'm considering Reynolds Attack and Assault wheelsets. If there are other wheelsets of similar quality/price that would work better for this purpose, http://www.chinabikedeal.com I'm open to suggestions.
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    I really don't think any ultra light modern road wheels will motor that well- you can get away with something ligher on the front maybe, but why take the risk at 30 mph?

    I run 700C and 27 wheels on two builds-

    I was breaking too many spokes on the rear of a 700 wheel with 32 spokes- so I don't like anything less than 36 now, but still have the matching 32 on the front for now- they are just standard alloy rims 3/4" wide- most people would probably want a 1 inch wide alloy rim for motoring, but these are what I have and since I raced for years and years I'm comfortable with some 32 mm wide 700C tires and 27 x 1/4. 38 mm would be plenty of rubber but not as much weight and drag as beach wheels. 27 x 1 1/4 wheels have plenty of tire, but the profile is higher and they are a tighter squeeze in a cruiser frame.

    Get a 36 or even 34 gear on the back- you're light enough- and you'll see 30 easily, at least with a 66. I have a 39 on a 50 and I must be cruising at 25 normal top end on that one, 30 by speedo on the other, WOT 35+. Stock 66 NT speed carbs and exhausts.
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