4G clutch engagement RPM change?


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May 27, 2011
My searching isnt working out... There used to be a thread that spoke to changing the motor RPM engagement range for the straight shaft 4 G clutch. One of my rides is trying to engage the drive at idle. Idle is not excessively high but the bike wants to leave on its own and is causing the motor to stall out from the grab. The motor tries to idle then the clutch grabs then as RPM drops from that, the clutch releases. This causes a sort of jumping forward then stop back and forth motion that is both annoying and potenitally dangerous if the bike gets away from me. I remember a thread about shims or washers and the springs on the 5/8" straight shaft 4G clutch but damned if I can find it. Little help?

Lorenzo Guevara

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Apr 28, 2019
I had the same problem, check the clutch pad spring bolt washers.I had two that Weren't holding the springs down on the pads.so the clutch pads were Engaging at idle. I know this is a old post.sorry