49cc vs 66cc

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    Thats what I was just talking about- I was going to try it and someone above said the bottom join was different- a few years back, the bottom ends WERE different but I measured both my motors and externally they look and measure the same- and BGF advertises his needle bearings, piston pins and connecting rods for both 50 and "80"cc- (66)

    I think they may be standard now but I'm not taking both apart to measure the bottom fit- my older 66 motor just happens to have 6mm studs and thats what BGF has for his "upend"
    Motorized BIKE GAS ENGINE - 80cc upend 6mm | eBay
    I'm not gonna take the gamble but the extra power would be nice if I were going to replace the 50 jug again- for only $15 more

    Maybe you could tell from the bottom jug gaskets...
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    There is no replacement for displacement.
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    66/80 cc replacement parts seem to be more plentiful than those for the other models.
    Does this mean that the 66/80 cc models fail more often and need more parts to repair them? No, I think that the 66/80 cc models are more popular.
    Just something to think about and take into consideration.

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