40 tooth sprocket vs 44 tooth sprocket

Cody hansen

New Member
Nov 29, 2017
Los Angeles
As stated in a previous thread I'm going to need a new rear sprocket. Greg informed me about the bbr sprocket. I want to know the difference if I went from a Rr tooth to a 40 tooth sprocket. I know I'll need to remove more links to make the chain fit. Jus curious if it'll be a huge impact on the speed and whatnot.


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Jan 8, 2016
Mpls Mn
It adds about 1-2-3 mph max But I only use 40 tooth BBR sprockets as its a nice balance to speed and power and gives you a smoother cruise speed so engine isn't over revving in my sweet spot speed. Yep you will have to remove one link set. I always add a engine side mount spring and skateboard wheel chain tensioner to take strain off the rear hub and keeps my chain trouble free.