4 Stroke Engine kit Bad Clutch then Snapped Transmission


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Jan 19, 2020
I bought this kit.


I got it all together and the first ride went really well and is fun as **** to ride. Second ride I hear a THUNK and the throttle isn't stopping the bike and I can't start it without the wheel spinning.

So I replace the springs on the clutch and I make it another maybe half mile before the clutch snaps again.

I replace the whole clutch this time and as soon as I get going and do a loop around the parking lot the transmission itself snaps!

I'm at a loss I just want to get this thing working reliable because when it does work it's fun as **** to ride I just want to be able to go farther than half a mile without worrying if the bike is going to crumble to pieces.


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Feb 21, 2020
I bought this exact same kit from the exact same place on Amazon! I know its been a while since you posted, but no one seemed to have anything to say.

Yes, the clutches on these things are puny and cheap, you should try replacing it with a heavy dutal alternative.

The clutches can be tricky to get off if the motor is still on the bike. Take it off and maybe a second pair of hands to help pull it. My transmission didnt fail but after a few weeks of riding something inside the engine sure did. These motors definitely need pedal assistance. Ive since upgraded but still havent gotten the trans working ironically.

Judging by the picture, maybe your drive chain was too tight? Maybe you were opening the throttle too fast and this was making the chain pull too hard? Is the chain misaligned? Maybe your trans just got bad metal that wasnt checked properly?

Im curious which trans you replaced it with and if you got a higher quality clutch.