3D printed Predator 212 39mm air filter adapters for sale

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    Oct 30, 2016
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    Hi all. I've been prototyping and printing Predator 212 air filter adapters that will not melt and should last pretty much forever. They fit any standard 39mm air filter and work like a charm. This is much more useful since you can put any scooter filter or a cheap eBay filter and not nessecarily have to buy a $30-$50 kit to put a high quality racing filter on your engine. While the quality filters can be used, these adapters are only $8. I print them solid out of ABS and do some work to make them bulletproof. They work flawlessly and do not melt, crack, or anything else at high temperatures and with heavy use.

    They have a top hole for the extra hose on the predator gas tank, but you could easily seal that off if you don't have the original tank.

    Here is where I'm selling the pieces.



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