$25.00 Build!!!

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by dag_29307, Jun 2, 2013.

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    I scored the deal of the year today, I was at a garage sale with my wife and in the corner I saw a 66cc China girl motor, I asked if it was for sale. I was told "I can;t sell it because it is froze up". and "he was going to scrap it out". :O I said I would give him cash to save her and he accepted an offer of $25.00!!! :)

    So I took her home and stripped her down, come to find out one of the rings had been chipped somehow and the piece had wedged itself down in the crank arm. I plucked it out with some needle nose pliers and she has no problems.

    Needless to say have an Idea for a NEW build, but I don;t want to spend any more money. So I'm going to do a Re-Cycle! So far I have an old 20 inch Murray frame,A pair of Mongoose forks a set of Ape hangers from a Sting Ray and a Gooseneck and Crank set from an old Huffy. I have a set of 20" rims out back and a motorized bicycle that I got from the scrap yard someone decided to run over with a truck. So I have a great start buyt I might need to spend some cash. BOOO! But I WON"T go over $50.00

    Ok This should be fun. I will start tomorrow right after work. I will try to post pics along the way.

    Until the next update.
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    omg you did get very lucky I hope to see a few pics of this new bike your describing?.
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    I have been looking at this the last couple of days- surprised no one has picked it up yet-
    a 2005 Honda Rebel for $350 (not running)

    somehow got into bicycle listings

    may or may not be much of a fix
    If I wasn't so old and decrepit- I'd pick this up

    I priced others and even older ones are getting 1200-1500,

    though you can get a new one delivered for 23 at scooter depot

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