24 inch mens road bike . normal triangle frame , will it work?



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Feb 16, 2009
Brisbane Australia
Hi Guys and Girls

Long time reader first time poster from BRISBANE AUSTRALIA. Just had a few questions and was hoping someone on this very interesting forum can help me.

In the past i have made several friction drive bikes but mostly were very crude but they did the job.
I have just ordered a 50cc zbox kit and was hoping to mount it to a old steel 24inch mens road bike (the ones with the thin wheels).

It has the normal triangle frame. Now i havnt received my kit yet but was hoping it will work much the same as a 26 inch bike.

I was hoping someone on here has experience with these bikes and the chinese made "zbox" kits and know if it will bolt together easily or if ill be cutting drilling and welding the frame.
Id rather use the 24inch road bike as i already have it and is very light weight for what it is


Looking forward to hearing from ya'll


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Jan 10, 2009
sydney australia
I haven't done a road bike my self but it should be easy. No fat tubes im guessing so it'll mount in snug. I'm sure it will throw a few hurdles at ya. put some tape round your frame so you don't scratch it in the mock up. If you've got the bike already you have nothing to lose.