2 steel frames- 22 inch



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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I have 2 steel frames that i"m offering up for sale.
Both are road bike frames that had 27 inch tires and 6 speed hubs.

One is a 1974 Iverson Grandsport 10. 22 inch frame solid steel construction. It has rust and would need a through work over. The crank is included along with the gears and pedals, brakes and original handlebars. It is solid though. I'm looking for $10 for it plus shipping.

I also have a 1980 Raleigh Relient frame is GREAT condition. Its that bright Raleigh blue with a few chips and a very small amount of rust. It is also a 22 inch frame. When I first got it, it was covered in what looked like rust which was staining and grease. The bottom bracket has the original bearings which sound awful and will need to be replaced or repacked. This bike was ridden very little and put away in a storage shed after 1981 and never ridden again. It's a great frame and I wish I had the time to restore it to is full glory. Coming with this frame are the original handle bars, brakes, brake levers, and assorted small parts that go with all of those. I'm asking $45 or best offer plus shipping.

Either one of these frames would be great for motorizing, they are large, giving you plenty of room to mount a HT, steel so the vibrations would both less.

Ill get a shipping quote for anyone interested. Reply here or send me a PM. I need to get these frames out of here so I can get more bikes. rotfl