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    I just purchased a used (44miles) Ambassador a couple of weeks ago. I know the Ambassador has it's problems, but that's OK because I like to fool around on stuff like this anyway. Hey, what can I say other then I'm retired?

    One unexpected problem was the front tire blowing out last week! After inspecting it, I found one side of the rim lip was not rolled in all the way so there was a exsposed sharp edge that cut the bead of the almost band new tire which alowed the tube to ballon out. I thought someone was shooting at me! This could have ended badly!

    What's really sad is the CVT unit. The whole idea of a CVT is, for the most part, defeated with the slip clutch on the jackshaft. Give it gas and it's slow to accelarate while making a lot of noice. It reminds me of the old Buick Dynaflows.
    Has anyone considered removing the automatic clutch, locking the driven variable pulley on the jackshaft and installing a longer belt so it works like a Comet clutch?

    OR maybe better yet, just replacing the whole unit with a 20 seriers Comet unit for under $200.00?

    Because I'm not a big fan of automatics, I was thinking of installing double pulleys on the crankshaft and double pullies on the jacksahaft. One set would have maybe 1:1 1/2 ratio and the other set would have a 1:4 ratio or so. Each belt would have it's own idler that would be controlled by a left foot rocker type pedal. Pushing down would tighten the 1:4 belt (Low), In the middle both belts would be loose (N), and up would lock in the 1:1 1/2 ratio (Hi).

    Your thoughts please?
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    I would suggest you replace the tires with a good 26 X 2.125 version. The original tires have a very soft wall, and must be ALWAYS inflated to the maximum pressure. The soft wall tires also "roll" going into a corner and present a spongy feel. Many have converted to the balloon tires [26 X 2.125] and report a much better ride.

    Many have tried to attach the Comet CVT and Torque converters to the Whizzer motor and average about a 98% failure rate. I have seen the crankshaft snap off and watched the flywheel and Comet unit travel down the street without the rest of the bike. Sadly the CVT units eat too much power and the Ambassador isn't a power house in stock condition. The Comet unit work best on 6 HP to 8 HP motor with a 3/4" shaft.

    If you want to make something that will work, and has been done many times on Whizzers, why not locate a 2 or 3 speed Albion gearbox. It even has a built in kick starter.

    I am attaching a couple of pictures of Kenny Thomas's double motor with the Albion transmission.

    I have an Ambassador, however I was lucky as it was the RARE first edition with the Automatic clutch, and works well after I modified the motor.

    Have fun,

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