1. A Future Pilot

    New Build Questions

    Hey peoples! I'm planning a new build and have a few questions. 1. I'm ~300lbs. With a 79cc preddy and a SBP shift kit, about what kind of hill climbing/top speed can I expect? 2. I love the look of the Micargi Huntington frame, but it's got a 1" fork tube (what's that part called BTW?). I'd...
  2. F

    Help with finding some 24" wheels please

    I'm building my first motor bicycle sort of retro classic style.Im using a phantom (felt style) tank frame with Monark 2 springer forks ,aged brooks springer saddle etc. But I am having trouble finding the wheels I'm after . I kinda fancy some 24" 5.0mm wide rims pref black or gold as I wanted...
  3. Ruby478

    who know where to get parts?

    im trying to build a MB trike but since spookytooth is down i can buy the mb hd trike conversion kit what can i do to make my own any ideas?