1. RocketJ

    [Capital region, NY] I need help welding my rear end

    I'm in the middle of building an indian powerplus replica and I need to put a pivot in the rear end. I pretty much just need some small tubing welded to it, but I currently don't have a worker welder. Is anyone near the Albany area that could help me?
  2. wheelbender6

    What did you do to your e-bike today?

    I thought I would start this thread where we can share some of the daily fixes and experiences from our e-bikes. The gas bike equivalent of this thread has been active for years. It also serves as a place to post when your message doesn't really fit any sub-forum categories. Share the knowledge.
  3. S

    my crany mod

    After my old 1970's handy down MB failed about a year ago, I built a quick cranny and ever since wanted to modify it. At one point I flipped the handle bars around and down to give a BTR feel. well with summer break finally here and I'm all clear of summer camps I finally have the time and...
  4. Ruby478

    perfect tank idea

    I was messing around with two stock 2.5 L tanks and i noticed that if you were to just cut the bottoms out and weld them together it makes the perfect bobber tank ...........so im gonna do this so you can see what i mean