weed eater

  1. M

    Motor bike project

    Hello, I was wondering how I could attach a sprocket to a weed eater, and then direct chain drive to gears on my bike. How would I attach the sprocket to the weed eater? Thanks.cs.
  2. A

    WeedWacker Friction drive help?

    Hey there guys, i recently got interested in friction driven bikes from youtube, watching bunch of cool videos. Eventually leaning and reading more on forums such as this one. So i decided to buy a weedwacker from ebay for cheap. I finally won a bid on a ryobi 26cc 28120. Got it mounted and...
  3. Wickedest1

    kids occ fd bike

    not gonna do a lot of cross posting but figured some of you stretch guys don't visit the diy section, so heres my cross post: http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?p=548458#post548458 thanks for looking feedback, questions concerns and comments ALL welcome
  4. LabRat

    Hi! I'm Weedy!

    Hi! I'm Weedy! I like people I hate WEEDS! *Must see picture one to visualize topic and bike. ***My visualized knee jerk reaction to the motor end of page. The patients were still pending when this vintage Weed Eater was manufactured in 1971. One label reads Tecumseh Engines Lawson Power...
  5. WaterDog

    What brand of engine does weedeater use?

    Im looking to buy a 25cc weedeater brand weed wacker and use the motor for a friction drive. Im trying to figure out what brand of engine they use. Basically i need to know if that brand will fit the various friction mount kits or if I am going to have to craft my own kit. Thanks!
  6. Whistle Tip

    Will My Ryobi cs30 Engine Do The Job?

    I bought today, to start off my weed wacker bike build, a Ryobi cs30 30 cc engine. This is my first weed wacker/weed eater engine bike build. Firstly I bought the weed wacker from craigs list for 50$. I have followed the postings for my area for more or less a month, and have seen the range...