1. donphantasmo

    Finally finished (for now)

    After a few weeks of tinkering with the bike, and after a helpful hand from Rolo (Harris), the bike is ready. I got the bike from a little unknown store, it's called (excuse the spelling if I'm wrong), Wal-Mart. I talked the salesman down to 104 dollars. I called Piston bikes, got a 66cc kit...
  2. A

    Will my bike work with jackshaft and 66cc?

    alright, i just posted a video of my bike i got yesterday. YouTube - ‪project bike? will it fit a motor and jackshaft kit?? i sure hope it does‬‏ i think it might work but i really need to be sure. its a 29'er diamondback overdrive last year's model or this year. same thing. but...
  3. J

    Hello! Looking for advice

    I am thinking about putting together my first bike and thought some feedback would be nice. I'm on a fixed income and was looking for a decent motor and a cheap bike that I can gradually upgrade. As for the bike, I was looking at the Schwinn Landmark Cruiser, or the Ocean Pacific Beach...