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    My Cannondale Race Bike for the 2015 season

    So I finally decided to build a new race bike... (The old OM Flyer just didn't have enough room for a proper racing engine). :( After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to use a all aluminum Cannondale bike. I built it with new Felt 50mm wheels, I machined my own reed...
  2. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice Built Sportsman Flyer 99cc BTR

    This is a 99cc Sportsman Flyer bike that was built for a local customer... I'm really proud of how this one turned out (& now I have to build one for myself)! :D
  3. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized 'Full Suspension' Cruiser!

    I just finished this bike for a customer to take to Burning Man. I custom built a set of heavy duty alloy wheels with a Nexus 3-speed hub & a front disc brake & welded a SBP pipe to give it more power. This bike rides super smooth!
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    New Pipe for my OM Flyer Race Bike

    I finally had a little time today to cut up a used KX60 expansion pipe that I've had laying around the shop, & weld it to fit my OM Flyer race bike. This new larger pipe has already added a little more power over the old pipe, but I still need to mix up some fresh race gas & re-jet the carb to...