1. 21nafin

    My motorized bicycle's engine seriously lacks power, and I feel I've done everything I can

    I have an 80cc unbranded Chinese bicycle motor. When I first got it it was working fine. I eventually upgraded the carburetor to a racing one which seemed to work fine. Later, it started seriously lacking power to the point where it wouldn't go up the smallest of hills. I even hold the clutch in...
  2. K

    Breaking in a 4 stroke Huasheng

    I'm gathering parts for a build that I'll probably finish in July. I've got a 142 Huasheng 4 stroke, with an air filter from Sick Bike Parts, and I'm ordering a better exhaust than what came with the engine kit. I'll be putting it on a Helmutt Excelsior Frame Kit which I'm saving up for. If...