1. A

    Chain is not aligned properly between tensioner and rear sprocket. Help?

    I'm working on my first build at the moment, just surpassing the stage of mounting everything. After mounting the tensioner, I rode the bike around to see how fluid the whole chain assembly was. Everything is working fine, except for the tensioner which is slightly diagonal in relation to the...
  2. TheNecromancer13

    Idea for chain tensioner fix

    So I'm installing a motor on my bike this weekend, and I've been reading up on all the problems I might run into. I noticed that the chain tensioner seems to be almost universally hated because it comes loose and falls into the spokes and makes you crash. So I've been trying to think of ways to...
  3. C

    Vintage Miyata Road Bike - First Build

    Hello all - I saw one of these bicycle engine kits online and knew that I had to put one together. I had a couple of bikes in the garage, but this 1991 Miyata 914 SE was the only one that could accomodate the engine in the frame. I ordered a cheap kit from eBay knowing that it would be ripe...
  4. Russ McClay

    Will This Gear Work As A Tensioner?

    I've got the typical China Girl/Mountain bike setup. Little white, wobbly, fragile-looking teflon roller wheel tensioner. I'm wonder if I could replace it with this: http://www.agrisupply.com/or-idler-sprocket-bore/p/18300/ My main concern is that it says it is 1/2 inch bore. Thanks...
  5. C

    Chain Tensioner Ideas? Panama Jack

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and first build. This past summer I purchased everything I needed to get on the road and start riding. I put everything together on my Panama Jack Huffy cruiser bicycle and even panited it to look completely radical. :) Since the first day of riding, I...
  6. East82

    Tensioner issue solved for $5 and a hacksaw

    After toying with my first engine and now on my second, here are some observations that will help the noob (i.e. people like me who own just a few tools and aren't machinists). ~ Start with the sprocket, because it is the most tedious if done right. Get all the hardware set as perfectly as...
  7. C

    Rear tire won't turn?

    Hello everyone! It's great to be part of this forum, I have read many threads to get to where I am with my project. First, I am a newbie and this is my first built. I have a RAW Silver Slant 66/80CC. 1. First issue I had was mountin the engine to my Schwinn Clairmont 26" so bought a...
  8. D

    Cheap Chinese Parts!!

    I bought a cruiser. I bought my kit, and had dreams of running it that day. 40 bucks in extra parts and a week in later I'm thinking of personally pulling a John McClain on China. Y'all have been a great help with this forum. I've had to fight this thing ever step of the way, and I had such high...
  9. Schwinn the Fox

    Should I use this?

    Should I use this chain tensioner? It came with my kit. People have been telling me that they fall into the spokes and ruin your back wheel. People have told me that it can bend in and throw you right off your bike from dead stop. .bf.
  10. Skarrd

    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    so the car club i'm on has a thread like this. here's the link in case anyone wants to know just what i'm talking about so to start of with... Rode my motor bike around my neighbor hood, and found a 'your speed is:' sign. had some fun with it, going past the sign.