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    Staton chain drive tanaka 40cc build!!

    I got a Powered pedals Bike
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    Hello from tempe az

    Hey everyone! My names gary> I am on my third motorized bike build since my last two were stolen. First was a happy time diamondback response, second was a gebe 32cc tanaka hardrock, now ill post the build of my schwinn ditch staton 40cc tanaka!! I ride everyday and had 4,000 miles on my gebe...
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    TANAKA PF3300 or standard 80cc HT bicycle engine?

    I am looking for an engine for my bike. Here are my requirements: 1) Can't be too loud 2) Engine must last at least 2-3 years (twice-a-week use, no more than 20 miles at a time). 3) Must travel around 25 - 35 MPH 4) Must be removable (In around a 2-3 hour time frame) I have been looking...
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    For Sale: Tanaka (Tas Spitz) Bike Bug

    It is on eBay now. Works fine. PM for details. Will be adding more pics tonight after work.
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    So this old man repairs bikes...

    ....and he loves to put them out on his front porch. There are dozens of them. That is where I first fell in love with my ladies' 1950 cruiser that is currently being worked on. A few months back, I decided to see what he had that was new. Alas, I came across a Tas Spitz Tanaka bike bug on...
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    First Build-Early Review GEBE

    Why GEBE? I was impressed by reviews and ease of installation. Being a novice at this I felt like this was the right choice for me because of ease of instalation. I went with the Tananka 33cc 2 stroke engine. I am at 210lbs and I can clip 30 mph out of box. Average cruise speed around 28...