1. Noxuz

    Full suspension, full functionability

    Sup guys, this is my latest build, it took a ****ton of time to build, but its finaly here, i attached a battery to run a headlight, turn lights, a horn. Also notice de rear shox, its pretty heavy and runs like a champ, also de thumb throttle improves comfort. Thinking perhaps on a fiber...
  2. wheelbender6

    What did you do to your e-bike today?

    I thought I would start this thread where we can share some of the daily fixes and experiences from our e-bikes. The gas bike equivalent of this thread has been active for years. It also serves as a place to post when your message doesn't really fit any sub-forum categories. Share the knowledge.
  3. Nipash

    Wanted: SCSW Boxer

    Well, the SCSW Boxer is out of production just before I was looking to buy one. So, If anyone is looking to sell their sexy machine, I'd be willing to give them A good price and maybe come and get it if it's close (I'm in Washington). And yes, I did call Dean to confirm. Thanks! .wee.
  4. darkness

    New build- Full suspension mountain bike

    .bf.Hey guys. Im a newbie to the site. My last build was a road bike. It was an older non- descript bike (not even sure of the brand, no labeling) which i chose mainly for its light weight cause i thought it would be faster. Unfortunately, i was riding along an old logging road by my...
  5. L

    Suspension Fork on Cruiser

    So, I've been in the process of a mental construction of my first build. I'm ordering a 80cc (68cc) Skyhawk engine kit from Spooky Tooth Cycles tonight. Then I'll be in search of the ideal bike. I'm really drawn to the idea of a old Schwinn, but then installing a suspension fork with disk...