1. carl clack

    Definitely gonna need some new Lights - 1st night ride

    btw i do however have on a very nice reflective vest! keep the negative comments - only positive input needed - thank you - I built this and feel very accomplished dont try and take that away!
  2. N


    Hi, I have a 80cc kit and I was wondering if it is possible to power a headloght with it. The engine has a white, black and blue wire coming out of it and the CDI box has blue, black and green wires coming out of it. I connected the black to black and the blue to blue and it runs great but...
  3. nidyanazo

    Hundreds of kits in stock, same day shipping

    Seems like alot of suppliers are out of stock, just wanted to let those of you looking for a kit know we have tons available and ready for immediate dispatch! Check us out @ Our fedex shipping includes free overnight delivery in SoCal, and gurenteed 2-day delivery anywhere in...