1. B

    HELP!!pls Squeaking when release clutch

    Hi guys was give engine with some broken piston rings replaced the piston rings put back together tried to start. Started 2 times for a second but had no acceleration checked acceleration cable seems to be fine on the 3rd time I tried to start as I released the clutch it squeals and dose not...
  2. M

    Chain/Sprocket seizing

    I have an old beach cruiser I’ve been riding for a month with the “80”cc bike engine kit attached. Let me be clear, my alignment and chain size are fine. The engine also runs smooth as butter. The problem started two days ago and it started as a light squeak which goes away after running the...
  3. H

    Engine Sqeaking, turnover but not starting

    Hey everyone, I am new to the forums and to these motor bikes too but I decided to purchase one of the 49cc Chinese kits from ebay. So I installed it all, with some difficulty but everything is in right as far as I know. When I try to start the bike the engine fires and turns over but squeaks...
  4. Targan

    V-Brakes squeak

    I've been searching around an no luck on what seems to be a simple thing. My V-brakes work (and work well), but they squeak so loud! I've tried adjusting them and even going as far as lubricating the tire's rim slightly (yeah bad idea lol). I'm still very new to this bike world and could use...