1. B

    Need help! 140 spoke rims and installing the rear sprocket

    Hey guys, need some help here. Just a got a new bike and I mainly bought it because I loved the rims on the bike. The rims have 140 spokes and I really didn't think about how to install the rear sprocket before I bought it. Anyways, I have a pic of what it looks like below, but my main question...
  2. R

    Spoke length for Sturmey-Archer XL-FD

    I bought a Sturmey-Archer XL-FD hub, without the rim and spokes, and I was wondering how long the spokes need to be for that hub on a twenty-six inch wheel. I'm still pretty new to the site, so if this question has been asked before, all I need is a link to that thread and I'll be on my way...
  3. B

    Chain Problem!

    My chain is shaking and hits the spokes. How can i fix it? Can i put a metalplate with rounded borders (so the chain don't grabs it) to protect the spokes or will it destroy the chain?
  4. M

    Mini-motard ideas.

    So in my motorbicycling hobby, I built two bikes which I sold off for a cheap price when I decided to get a motorcycle. But drivers are kind of too crazy nowadays for a motorcycle and my mom got really mad when I decided to buy a bike saying I'll kill myself haha. So I decided to build...
  5. waistofhumanspace

    Original Worksman Rims FORSALE ($150.00)

    If you are interested call (231)220-5207 located in Mi. I will ship anywhere in Comtinental United States
  6. Schwinn the Fox

    Should I use this?

    Should I use this chain tensioner? It came with my kit. People have been telling me that they fall into the spokes and ruin your back wheel. People have told me that it can bend in and throw you right off your bike from dead stop. .bf.