smart pie
  1. paul

    Golden motor smart pie..e-bike number 2

    The wife decided she might want to try a little bike riding with me. guess my smiling every time i come home is getting to her. i just ordered the new smart pie from it is supposed to weigh half as much as the magic pie and do 20mph on flat ground and good torgue. hopefully the...
  2. BarelyAWake

    Mongo, 48v 1000w 'Magic Pie' hub on a Mongoose 'Snarl'

    Well... I didn't think I'd ever be makin' an ebike thread - but here I am heh A little background on this first I s'pose, I've been tinkerin' away on a suspended hybrid/tribrid tadpole trike on & off for about a year now: The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike & it occurred to me that it's...