1. S

    79cc Not Fitting Inside Frame

    Hey guys, newbie here. I recently purchased a 79cc 4-stroke engine kit to put inside a mountain bike. I got halfway done assembling everything and then did a dry fit inside the frame and realized it wouldn't fit. I'm afraid gasbike won't accept a return at this point so I was wondering if it's...
  2. G

    Larger picture allowance

    I just can't seem to get my pics downsized enough to upload. I do have lots to post but my thumbnails look like my computer crashed during save! Thanks...dnut
  3. M

    Interchangeable Gas Tank?

    Is it possible to use a motorcycle fuel tank for a bike? It seems 1.4-2.5 liters is the norm for a tank, is there anything special on a 2.4L bicycle fuel tank that isn't on a 2 gallon motorcycle gas tank? Is there any kind of modification I could do to the gas tank to work with a bike engine?
  4. K

    Thoughts on swapping rear sprocket AND rear tire size

    I've got my 49cc mounted on a bike with 26" tires. Currently I have the stock rear sprocket but am going to put on a 60T when it arrives (I'm 240lbs and we've got hills here...the current one is pretty weak for torque, pushing my bulk around). I was considering replacing the rear tire with...
  5. shwnrttr

    2 stroke pipe on huasheng?

    i was wondering if my old 2stroke pipe would bolt up to the huasheng? would it be the right diamator? i think its 7/8''
  6. shwnrttr

    predator 212cc dimension measurements?

    tryin to find some measurement of predator 212cc to see if i can fit it my frame. anybody body have some info on these measurements?