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    Sprocket adapter for Shimano FH-RM30

    Do you know where i can find an adapter for my Shimano FH-RM30 rear hub? It must be okay with a 36T sprocket. Bolt circle diameter: 45 mm Flange diameter: 53,8 mm Spoke holes 36 holes .spr.
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    autoclutch to coaster brake?

    I think I remember reading somewhere that a Whizzer that uses an autoclutch cannot also use a coaster rear brake? Or is it a manual clutch bike cannot use a drum brake? I'm not sure either statement makes any sense, or why either would be true? Maybe something to do with starting the bike...
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    3 Speed IGH

    I have a shimano nexus 3 speed coaster brake hub, i plan on running a jackshaft to the hub, but my concern is the coaster brake, will the brake activate upon deceleration or will it work fine? can i convert it to fixed? i have access to a welder, mill, and lathe. the goal here is I'm going to...