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    SD stinger Problem

    Ok so this is how it goes I'm running a SD stinger with some cheap craftsman 2 stroke mix at 16:1 the manufactures recommended break in mix and the thing starts and runs .shft.. but it will race then stall if I let it idle at a what seems like a normal idling speed while clutch is engaged. Also...
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    My first Beach Cruiser Build

    I'm new to the MB community and I'm in the middle of my first build. I'm very excited and I've been spending a couple hours every night reading the forums on here and learning from those that have come before me. I've already learned so much that I wish I had taken a different approach, but let...
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    Firmstrong Urban Man (from BeachBikes) Good bike to motorize?

    I'm looking to build my first motorized bike and I have been reading the forums here for days (thanks for keeping up this wonderful site); I think I may have settled on a Firmstrong Urban Man (3 speed) as my target bike. I searched the forums and got some hits on Firmstrong stretch bikes that...
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    Dax F80/ SD Stinger 2 Stroke Engine Kits!

    Is there any major differences between the SD Stinger and the Dax F80 engine? Is the Dax engine worth $20 more? Which engine will last longer in terms of mileage, and which one is quieter? Thanks, Feelssogood
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    DAX or SD Stinger?

    I am looking to buy a 2 stroke engine kit online. I have narrowed my selection down to either the thatsdax kit or the SD Stinger kit. The DAX kit costs $25 more than the SD Stinger kit. Is it worth the extra $25? Thanks
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    Grubee Skyhawk GT5 or SD Stinger?

    Which engine lasts longer and is higher quality?
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    Best brand of 80cc Bicycle Engine?

    I am looking for an 80cc bicycle engine kit online for around $200 - $250. I have seen many brands of engines with kit that all look identical. Some of the engines ive seen are: -SD Stinger -Grubee -Mega Motors -Flying Horse The engine needs to be EPA approved, and something that will...